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Curriculum rationale

Whole School Curriculum Rationale


The approach to Walkwood’s curriculum is summarised in the motto:

Love to Learn; Learn to Live; Live to Love’.


Our aim is that all children attending the school will become life-long learners who are curious about the world around them and are creative in their exploits while caring for others and themselves. We seek to enable our pupils to make informed choices, becoming increasingly independent and playing their part in the community. We offer pupils a spiritual dimension that is distinctively Christian and honours other faiths and those people who profess no faith.


Love to Learn

This aspect concerns the subject content, which is structured and delivered in an age-appropriate, engaging and differentiated way. The content is both the subject matter and the subject-specific processes that are taught and explored. Each subject within our curriculum is strategically planned to ensure information is built upon carefully and robustly; our curriculum is broad and balanced. Work is appropriately differentiated. 


Learn to Live

Here we have the learning skills – our ‘Superhero skills’. These six aspects are part of the Walkwood Way and are delivered in each lesson. Teaching draws out the opportunity for applying these learning and thinking skills.

Literacy and numeracy strands are part of this section too - reading is prioritised across the school.


Live to Love

Our ten school values – our Fruits of Faith – are an aspect of our school that is unique to us. These values are in action throughout our school. It is appropriate that opportunities to model these values, and to exercise them, are within lessons. Supported by these values, we encourage pupils to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world.

Curriculum Rationale

Curriculum Policy

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