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"Behaviour and safety of pupils - Outstanding",  "Students have a very good understanding of how to keep themselves safe including when using the internet and concerning ‘stranger danger’, and they know what to do if they are concerned in any way. They also have a very good understanding of different forms of bullying but say that this is very rare and that other students would step in to help anyone who they could see was unhappy. Students get on well with each other. " - Ofsted, November 2014

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At Walkwood, we believe that E-Safety is an essential life skill for our young people. It is actively taught throughout the curriculum, but particular focus is given to the topic in our Computing lessons each year. In the current climate it is important that our students are up to date, aware and taught how to deal with situations should they arise. With this in mind, all students within the school will work through age appropriate materials and lessons to ensure they are equipped and ready. The internet is an amazing tool so it is of upmost importance to us that they are able to use it safely and effectively, whilst ensuring they have the knowledge to be safe digital users.  

Stay safe online

Surfing the internet can be great fun, but here are some SMART rules that will keep you and your child safe while surfing:

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