Partial closure (Y5 and Y6 only in school) for Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March


What is the purpose of our curriculum?

Love to Learn

  • The computing schemes of work cover aspects of the national curriculum; dividing this into three main areas – Digital Literacy, Information technology and Coding.
  • The areas of study for each year group are synchronised, with planned content which progresses through the four years.


Learn to Live

  • Our intended outcomes for pupils are to embrace technology and to use technology effectively - Effective Participator.
  • Pupils engage with different programmes, software and applications and do so safely and appropriately – Self Manager.
  • We provide opportunities for pupils’ creativity and independence, where they can develop ideas systematically – Creative Thinker, Self Manager


Live to Love

  • We develop a love of computing within our pupils which they will confidently take with them into a variety of educational and work-related settings - Aspiration.
  • We challenge our pupils to ask questions, explore their answers and develop their understanding of technology beyond the school environment – Inquisitiveness.
  • Pupils use computing safely and respectfully in order to demonstrate appreciation of the sensitivities of others and for themselves – Honour.


Computing KS2

Computing KS3


Learning journals indicate the progress that a pupil can make within a subject. These do not compare children’s progress with each other but considers their progress against specific statements. The Learning journals for this subject are:

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

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