Year 8


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Private Peaceful/Romeo and Juliet

Victorian Villains

Romeo and Juliet/

Private Peaceful

Travel Writing/

The Gothic

Poetry Unit

The Gothic/

Travel Writing


Number and algebra 1- properties of numbers and sequences.

Algebra 2- solving equations, simplifying and formulae.

Geometry and measures 1-

Properties of shapes and angles.

Statistics 1- probability.

Number 2- fractions, decimals and percentages.

Algebra 3- linear functions and graphs.

Geometry and measures 2- area, volume and surface area.

Statistics 2- graphs

Number 3- calculations and using a calculator.

Geometry and measures 3- ratio and transformations.

Statistics 3- data collection and interpretation.

Geometry and measures 4- co-ordinates and constructions.

Solving problems.






1. Breathing

2. Unicellular organisms


1. Fluids

2. Light


1. Energy

2. Earth and Space


1. Combustion

2. The Periodic table


1. Metals

2. Rocks


Turning Points: The Battle of Hastings & The Reformation

The Changing face of Russia.

English Civil War and Economics




Spiritual and Social Education

Tough Teachings & what is so radical about Jesus?

Charity – ethical consumerism

Why do we Suffer? & Is religion a power for peace or a cause of conflict in the world today?

Stress/anxiety/depression and how to deal with it. SRE

Should happiness be the purpose of life? – Money – what does it all mean?

Religion in Art – The role and influence of the media

High school bridging unit – Managing transition


Resistant Materials

Tags and Clocks


Denim Upcycling


Carbohydrates and main meals


Natural forms

Natural forms

Pop Art

Pop Art

Jon Burgerman’s doodles

Jon Burgerman’s doodles


Rock ‘n’ Roll – Using Chords


Notation and 4-part Ensemble


Reggae Music

Song Composition


Unité 10 Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ?

to express opinions about food

Pupils listen to/read accounts of people describing their likes and dislikes.

Class survey to establish favourite foods, eg favourite fruit.

Unité 10  Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ?

Pupils learn about unfamiliar foods and give comments in French.

Role plays or semi-scripted dialogues involving expressing politeness and consideration.

Unité 10  Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ?

Pupils read recipes to select a menu.

Pupils use a word processor to draft/redraft menus.

Pupils practise ordering foods from a menu.

Unité 7  Les autres pays

The geography of Europe, adjectives, the world, numbers and dates above 100

Unité 7  Les autres pays

Francophone countries, using on  + present tense verbs

Unité 7  Les autres pays

Weather, complex sentences with si & quand


Internet Safety – Online Behaviour

Inside a computer

Computer Programming – Platform games makers.


· Girls: Netball

· Boys: Football

· Cross country

· House matches

Girls: Gym/ dance.
Boys: Gym and First aid

· Fitness

· Invasion games

· Invasion Games

· House matches

· Athletics

· Girls: Volleyball/Rounders

· Boys: Tennis/Cricket

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