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Pupil Leadership Team Structure

Our Pupil Leadership Team empowers pupils within our school community to become ambassadors for the school. Each year, Year 8 pupils take on leadership roles and are involved in the continuing development of the school towards outstanding.

Towards the end of the summer term, the ‘PLT’ is launched during an assembly to all Year 7 pupils who are encouraged to apply (in writing) for any of the roles which are of interest to them. The roles are as follows:


Following a shortlisting process, the ‘Hustings’ process then begins. We strongly believe that the newly elected ‘Pupil Leadership Team’ represents the pupils and so the ‘Hustings’ is the pupils’ chance to have their say. Those shortlisted for roles will then put together and deliver a speech (with guidance) to their peers in either a College or whole school setting. The speeches performed in the most recent elections were written by the pupils themselves. They were all so incredibly different, all bringing a different slant to describing what they could bring to their chosen role. The standard of the speeches was outstanding and we are so proud of all pupils for what they managed to achieve.

Voting then takes place and everyone, pupils and staff within the Walkwood community, are invited to vote for the pupils that they feel could represent in one of these leadership positions.

Our newly elected ‘Pupil Leadership Team’ is then revealed for the first time during our Celebration Assembly. All successful pupils receive framed certificates and badges. 

Pupil Leadership Team Job Specifications.

Sports Council

The sports council are appointed for a 10-month term, and are selected through an application and interview process.  The Sports Council need to have qualities that will enable them to fulfil the demands of their roles. A student on the council will: 

  • Be able to use their initiative; 
  • Show commitment to the school, their college and their leadership role; 
  • Be reliable and have good time management skills; 
  • Demonstrate good organisation skills (personal and the ability to work in teams); 
  • Be determined and persevere to achieve success; 
  • Show humility (the role represents the College and School, but at the same time it represents a service to the other students); 
  • Act with responsibility; 
  • Demonstrate leadership; 

Sports Council Job Specifications

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