Partial closure (Y5 and Y6 only in school) for Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March

Priorities 2019-2021

A collective pedagogy and practice – Love to Learn 

Teachers’ pedagogical thinking is developed in order to be consistent in curriculum implementation. 

Expand use of the learning journals to plan lessons, provide feedback to pupils and make explicit the pupils’ ‘next steps’. 

Teaching is focused on assisting pupils with long term memory of what is taught and how to integrate new knowledge and apply it. 

High quality differentiation is an integral part of lesson delivery and how it is enacted so pupils develop their knowledge and skills, particularly for the more able and those with SEND. 


A shared engagement with reading and writing  – Learn to Live 

Teaching develops pupils’ fluency with language, including the use and accurate spelling of key vocabulary. 

Reading is used effectively within lessons and staff know how to draw out pupils’ comprehension. 

Quality writing is developed across the curriculum and pupils are taught to write effectively for various purposes and audiences. 


An ethos of excellence  – Live to Love 

Return to high quality collective worship and aspects of spirituality, including reflection and evaluation. 

Re-establish and quality assure ‘Living & Learning Together’, pastoral colleges and vertical tutoring. 

Ensure the approach to attendance is embedded consistently. 


Longer Term Priorities

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