Partial closure (Y5 and Y6 only in school) for Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March

Colleges and Pastoral Care

Every pupil is placed into one of four colleges when they start at our school. These are as follows:


Pastoral care and registration are part of the college organisation. We operate a tutor system in which our youngest pupils are nurtured and supported by older pupils. These are known as Vertical Tutor groups.

We aim to encourage and develop a joint sense of team spirit and belonging. Pupils will represent their college in a variety of academic, sporting and non-sporting competitions. Colleges also meet weekly in an act of worship, which involves celebration of achievements too.

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Pastoral Strategy


We recognise the challenges that families face in bringing up children. There may be times when you need extra help and support. If this is the case please contact us. 

The tutor may have teaching commitments, as may the Pastoral Leader, but the Pastoral Manager does not have teaching commitments but will be supporting children throughout the day.
Home School Communication Protocol
Additionally support in our county is provided by Worcestershire Children First. In order to support in the right way, they work with you to identify, what are you worried about, what is working well and what needs to happen. The information you share with them will be used to form a ‘family plan’, this will help to identify what other agencies and professionals will be able to support you and your child appropriately.
Early Help is a pathway to supporting your child and you during challenging times.

Early Help Offer Resources