Love to Learn We aim to inspire every child – whatever their abilities – so they love to learn. We want them to achieve their very best, challenging them to be fascinated by lessons and subjects and to make a valuable contribution to the Walkwood community.
Learn to live We prepare our pupils for an adult life in a changing world, and as such we seek to equip our children for the future. The values and learning skills they develop complement the knowledge they encounter. We want them to excel in school and in life.
Live to love We look to our pupils to take into their lives beyond our school an outlook that allows then to love the experiences, people and spirituality that they find. In doing so they live to love the world and its people, and consider the love of a Creator.

Thursday 15th February: Y5, Y7 Reports to parents via Insight

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Wednesday 7th February:  Y6, Y8 Parent’s Evening

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Thursday 1st February:   Y6, Y8 Parent’s Evening

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Wednesday 24th January: Poetry Slam

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Half Term Value is: Honesty

Monthly Virtue: Justice

Weekly Assembly Theme: St. Peter

Walkwood Middle School has shown an outstanding commitment to online safety.

The result of the outstanding leadership at Walkwood is that, in line with the school’s motto, each member of the school community is challenged, encouraged and nurtured to “love to learn, learn to live and live to love”.

Key to the school’s vision is that every individual is created in the image of God, and from this belief springs the school’s outstanding attention to individual needs, both academic and pastoral.  

The school’s inclusive Christian ethos ensures that children have an outstanding understanding of and respect for difference and diversity.

The inclusive vision of the school ensures that all children are supported in their personal well-being and academic achievement.

The curriculum that students follow provides exciting and memorable experiences, including through a wide range of enrichment activities and clubs.

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