Partial closure (Y5 and Y6 only in school) for Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March

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Unité 1 C'est parti! to ask and answer basic questions when meeting and greeting someone



Unité 1 C'est parti! to say and write the alphabet

Unité 1 C'est parti!  to understand and use the words for classroom objects

Unité 1 C'est parti!  numbers 1–20 and how to use them to express their age and the number of classroom objects


Unité 1 C'est parti!  seasons

how to give the date (days, months and numbers up to 31)

Unité 1 C'est parti!  how to ask for and give birth dates




Unité 2 En famille

to answer questions about the names and number of family members


Unité 2 En famille

the numbers 32–69 by seeing the pattern in their construction

Unité 2 En famille

family tree, handwriting style

Unité 2 En famille

describing in the third person, possessive adjectives

Unité 2 En famille

Animals, adjectives & adjectival endings, aimer

Unité 2 En famille

how to use a small range of prepositions,




Unité 5  Une journée

School subjects, pourquoi & parce que, quantifiers, teachers, school timetable,

Unité 5  Une journée

24 hour clock, the school day,Maths in French, much bigger numbers

Unité 5  Une journée

Daily routine, reflexive verbs, pronunciation and spelling rules

Unité 6   Comment tu t'amuses?

Hobbies, infinitive verbs after aimer, opinions, sports (jouer & faire)

Unité 6  Comment tu t'amuses?

Adverbs of time and frequency, ne...jamais

Unité 6  Comment tu t'amuses?

Playing a musical instrument, conjunctions



Unité 10

Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ?

to express opinions about food

Pupils listen to/read accounts of people describing their likes and dislikes.

Class survey to establish favourite foods, eg favourite fruit.

Unité 10  Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ?

Pupils learn about unfamiliar foods and give comments in French.

Role plays or semi-scripted dialogues involving expressing politeness and consideration.

Unité 10  Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ?

Pupils read recipes to select a menu.

Pupils use a word processor to draft/redraft menus.

Pupils practise ordering foods from a menu.


Unité 7  Les autres pays

The geography of Europe, adjectives, the world, numbers and dates above 100

Unité 7  Les autres pays

Francophone countries, using on  + present tense verbs

Unité 7  Les autres pays

Weather, complex sentences with si & quand

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