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Inclusion: A Sense of Belonging

Special Education Needs / Additional Needs

Walkwood Church of England Middle School aims to provide for all the needs of its children, whilst always encouraging integration in class and school activities. Our class teachers provide for children with additional needs within the classroom by planning a curriculum that is suitable and accessible for all.

There are clear guidelines for identifying and acting upon any additional needs set out in The Special Needs Code of Practice

By following these documents and working closely with various external bodies the school aims to ensure that all children with additional needs are identified and support put in place as soon as possible.

To ensure their needs are being met, children identified as having Additional Needs will have an Individual Education Plan drawn up for them and regularly reviewed. Their progress and development throughout their time at our school will be closely monitored by staff and regularly assessed at Additional Needs Team Meetings.


Child Protection

The protection of all our children from harm or abuse is a key responsibility of the staff and Governors at Walkwood Church of England Middle School. We take this matter seriously and have appointed a Governor with responsibility for this area, who has received appropriate training. Teaching and support staff are also trained in Child Protection matters as appropriate.

The Department for Education guidelines make it clear that schools have an important role to play in the protection of children from abuse. This is reaffirmed by both the policy of Worcestershire County Council and the support of Worcestershire Diocese. This policy sets out the procedures which must be followed by all staff. In accordance with this we have a duty to refer any concerns about the well-being of our children to the Social Services Department and School Medical Officer for further advice.

Keep them safe - an interactive CSE learning tool:

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